Golden Gate MK4 DAC


Considered by many reviewers to be the finest DAC available, the Golden Gate bridges the gap between analog and digital by a very thin margin!

The Golden Gate MK2 DAC is the Big7 DSD DAC made of the MOST expensive parts chosen by our customers in their wish-list survey.

To list some, it would go like this:

  1. Silver WBT solder used throughout
  2. Furutech IEC inlet AC socket
  3. WBT gold / silver RCA output sockets
  4. Furutech RCA digital input
  5. ATOM Vishay first capacitor after the tube
  6. Mundorf M-Lytic HV electrolytes in second stage of PSU
  7. Mundorf Foil MKP capacitors in third stage of power supply just before the tube anode
  8. Metal-Film laser cut resistor MLT in Anode Load
  9. Teflon sockets for all 3 tubes
  10. Output capacitors are the huge Jupiter-Copper 1uF caps, bypassed by Duelund Pure Silver caps. Yes, a hybrid, best of both worlds, supposedly beating even pure silver one-cap solution.
  11. All wiring is 26 GA stranded silver in teflon
  12. Rectifier tube is Emission Labs monstrous Mesh Plate 5U4G
  13. Music Tubes are Wester Electric Replica 101D / Metal base Psvane
  14. Digital input SPDIF capacitor is Jupiter Wax Copper 100nF
  15. Packing in a special customized stage case
  16. Chassis / box is made of pure copper stamped and powder clearcoated for 100 years of immaculate shine. Copper provides also head dissipation and the best EM shielding possible.
  17. A set of ceramic / steel roller-block feet supports the DAC


* Price subject to change without notice.