LampizatOr, our best selling DAC and the most highly reviewed and most musical Digital to Analog Converters in the world, a Lukasz Fikus creation, proudly made in Poland!




Vacuum Tube phono stage

“those that are deeply into the joy of experiencing music with a particular love of vinyl as being the medium of choice, the LampizatOr Vinyl Phono MC 1 should absolutely be at the top of your must hear list. Vacuum tube lovers should run, not walk to audition this baby. It could be the phono pre you’ve been searching for.” Dave McNair, Contributor at Parttime Audiophile


Amber 4 DAC

Entry-Level vacuum-tube Digital to Analog Converter 

My wife, Belle, walks in from shopping, sits down and listens blindly to both DACs.  30 seconds into the Lampi’s turn, she effuses, “I like this one better!”  Ayllon Media review

Lampizator silk mains filter

SILK Mains Filter

The MOST IMPORTANT criteria when using mains filters is to not spoil the dynamics, timbers or air by maintaining the natural sweetness and musicality of your music. The Silk will not choke your amplifier’s headroom or hold back your gear but allow the full potential of your system to be the best that it can be.


Baltic 4 DAC

Our top-flyer Entry-Level High-End DAC

This LampizatOr DAC is positioned between the Amber and the Golden Gate 2 DACs, offering the best of both worlds and a ton of tube-rolling permutations. This is a synergy galore dream come true for those who care about system matching and the tube magic offered by the best in the industry!

Lampizator Atlantic TRT DAC

Altantic 4 TRP DAC

Direct Heated Triodes vacuum-tube Digital to Analog Converter 

The Atlantic DAC is a phenomenal effort from LampizatOr. I’ve been a fan of the brand for many years, and I think this is their best work to date. Simply outstanding — a must-listen.” Parttimeaudiophile


Golden Gate MK4 DAC

Direct Heated Triodes vacuum-tube Digital to Analog Converter 

The Golden Gate elicits a frankly spiritual experience such is the connection between the music and your inner soul. –


Pacific DAC

Flagship Direct Heated Triodes vacuum-tube Digital to Analog Converter 

Outstanding timbre, and tone, and deep, organic bass lines, and midrange that didn’t suffer an iota from the air, and extension the top end displayed. “Addictive Musicality”

LampizatOr Horizon_front

Horizon DAC

Absolute no limits vacuum-tube Digital to Analog Converter 

Already deemed as the BEST DAC in the world bar none!