Before you spend your hard-earned pennies, read this!

Very few systems can reproduce true magic, the illusion of a 3D sonic experience, a tight articulate bass, absolute focus and lack of smear.

Some clients asks us to bring in cables, equipment, etc for demonstrations, we’ve encountered the following challenges:

1) Speakers placement was very poor.
2) Sitting placement was inadequate in relation to speakers placement.
3) Room acoustic was poor.
4) Too many exposed windows.
5) Open plan kitchen leading to the listening room.
6) Tiled floors and reflective surfaces.
7) Mismatched system.
8) A large TV between the speakers.
9) Spaghetti wires nests entanglements behind the system.
10) Poor hi-fi rack, with in some cases glass shelves.

With the above challenges you will NEVER experience the full potential of your system.
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Some tools for the job:



Our acoustic treatments

A typical stereo installation: