Mod Your Audio

If your equipment is lacking soul and musicality, we solve that!

A quiet chassis and system’s low noise background is key to getting the most from your system.
Voicing takes place after the equipment has been dampened.

How do we do it?

  1. Strategically applied chassis and equipment dampening in all critical areas
  2. Replacing resistors in key areas with non-magnetic and sonically musical resistors
  3. Replacing film and electrolytic capacitors for voicing
  4. Internal hook-up wires revision and replacement as last resort to fine tune musicality


If you have something that needs tweaking, we will totally revolutionise it!


Jolida JD1501RC amplifier mod

  1. Jolida, ready to dismantle
  2. Jolida dismantled and main PC board
  3. Jolida, marking outer-foil side measured

SOtM sMS-200 mod

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Audio Tweak
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 2 reviews
 by Stephen Bergh
Upgrade of my JD1501RC

After Audio Tweak modded my Jolida 1501RC hybrid integrated amp it improved from an OK/average sounding component to an exceptional, open, and more punchy amplifier. To any serious listener I recommend that you allow Audio Tweak to take your amp to the next level. Instead of paying much more for a more expensive amp, tweak your existing one at much less cost to match or exceed more expensive amps.
Also my Jolida 1501RC hybrid amplifier got two 5751 (12AX7) rare triple mica NOS tubes supplied by Audio Tweak which is in the preamp stage of my amp and this too added more detail and texture to the sound. Thanks Ramsey, I am really enjoying the best sound I ever had. Stephen

 by Andre

Thanks Ramsey....for bringing my old Arcam 6 Plus integrated amplifier back to life. Very pleased with the tweak and upgrade advice. Also affordable relative to my budget.