Anti Resonance Feet

Anti-Resonance Feet when well designed can revolutionise your sound by dissipating unwanted vibration away from your components thus improving speed, articulation and focus.

SoundCare FeetSuperSpikes

The legendary SoundCare SuperSpikes are back! We mostly focus on the Self Adhesive model. The SuperSpikes are a proved success with measured analysis to back their claims. SoundCare’s anti-vibration devices were one of the first such device to have come out on the market leading to so many copies and similar ideas from their competitors, however…


Black Pyramids FeetAnti Vibration Cones

The Black Pyramids (PTFE) Cones are the most natural and musical anti-resonance feet on the market. Other feet tend to excite the music rhythmically, but they turned out to be ultimately tiring and fatiguing in the long run.