Hybrid Speakers (Ribbons/Woofers)

Hybrid Speakers combines the openness, air and leading edge transient response of ribbon drivers/tweeters with dynamic drivers (woofers).
They come in all shape and form, mini-monitors (stand-mounts) or floor-standers.

Studio Electric SpeakersM4R Mini Monitors

The Studio Electric M4R¬†mini monitors are the ribbon-tweeters version of the similar soft-dome tweeters M4 model (also available on our website), they were custom-made to Audio Tweak’s requirements.

The M4R now adds that extra sense of sparkle and air with added resolution on the top-end, of course this also influences the midrange and as a result due to the ribbon’s incredible agility and speed which improves the transient response and leading edge of notes by bringing superlative focus!