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 by Warren
Valve Audio Exclame Tweaked

A huge thanks to Ramsey for tweaking my Valve Audio Exclamé 150 amplifier. Upgrading the ODAM CAPs and internal wiring and installing NOS tubes really surpassed my expectation and made the amplifier truly amazing. The music became fuller and denser, and the amp is able to peel back layers of music which I never knew was even there. The term PRaT (pacing, rhythm and attack) which is often used in equipment reviews became a reality to me. The upgrade has added extra space and three dimensionality in the music and being able to hear little nuances and tonal textures has become so addictive.

 by Stephen Bergh on Audio Tweak
Upgrade of my JD1501RC

After Audio Tweak modded my Jolida 1501RC hybrid integrated amp it improved from an OK/average sounding component to an exceptional, open, and more punchy amplifier. To any serious listener I recommend that you allow Audio Tweak to take your amp to the next level. Instead of paying much more for a more expensive amp, tweak your existing one at much less cost to match or exceed more expensive amps.
Also my Jolida 1501RC hybrid amplifier got two 5751 (12AX7) rare triple mica NOS tubes supplied by Audio Tweak which is in the preamp stage of my amp and this too added more detail and texture to the sound. Thanks Ramsey, I am really enjoying the best sound I ever had. Stephen

 by Andre on Audio Tweak

Thanks Ramsey....for bringing my old Arcam 6 Plus integrated amplifier back to life. Very pleased with the tweak and upgrade advice. Also affordable relative to my budget.

 by Malcolm on Audio Tweak
Superspikes Benefits

Placed them under my Harbeths and the bass is tighter, imaging is more precise and I'm getting a more holographic image. It's not a night & day improvement, but I'm really happy 👏🏼

 by Rui on Audio Tweak
Lampizator Atlantic2

This is my second Lampizator DAC, with the first one still going strong at the time of replacement. The only reason for the upgrade was to get a DSD capable DAC (out of curiosity) and some additional digital inputs as I have 3 digital devices I need to switch between. I can attest that their products are built to last and will deliver years of flawless service. I ordered an Atlantic2 DAC with a volume control, so no preamp needed, making it even better value.

Being familiar with the Lampizator sound, I can happily report that this DAC continues where my last one left off it’s fast, with oodles of resolution yet natural sounding. Not having my previous DAC (Amber Level 4) to run an A/B comparison with, it’s hard to say exactly where they differ. Thankfully that ‘Lampizator’ sound is still there, perhaps with a bit more resolution, imaging and headroom.

I feel absolutely NO need to go in search of vinyl nirvana (which will cost significantly more before you have to go in search of vinyl !!) as the Lampizator delivers me that experience with the convenience of digital and of course streaming services delivered via Roon with its DSD engine are just the icing on the cake.

Out the box there is no need to play around with tubes, what Lampizator supplies as stock with the unit is just fabulous. The unit is a keeper, I am not left wondering if other DACS will sound better or pondering on the sound that I am missing, it’s all there, enough said…...

 by Lejone on Audio Tweak
Lampizator Atlantic TRP

An amazing DAC, nothing short of magic. It does one thing only, dish music out the way it should be experienced.
I always felt a need to tweak a few things with a DAC it replaces. It felt like it couldn't keep up with other gears across genres. I decided to try a Lampi out with a window open to tube-rolling should I experience the same issue I did previously.
To this day, I see no reason to spice it up. It sounded accurate and spacious out of the box, with the sweetness you would expect from a tube-like presentation.

This is one DAC which glues different pieces of equipment together, the result is hearing music. Try it out, I cannot promise that you will not-not want one.

 by Steve on Audio Tweak

The RF blockers took my system to a new level in terms of musicality and most importantly, enjoyability. In terms of value for money, this is one of the best purchases I've made.

 by Anonymous
Hi-Fi Club of Cape Town reviews our demo room sound

ChrisC (Cape Town Hi-Fi Club):

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the sound we (CT Hi-Fi Club members golden-ear brigade) have heard at Ramsey's listening room is the best sound we have heard.

Plus each time we visit, he improves in leaps and bounds.

A lampizatOr DAC certainly helps, as does a dedicated music server with M.2 SSD and its linear power supply.

Its attention to detail that makes the difference.

 by Avner on Audio Tweak
Music Server

I just recently received my Music Server from Audio Tweak , prior to this, with very detailed instructions and Ramsey's assistance via remote login, he helped me to save all the Roon Core settings on a USB dongle from my laptop which was to be used later on my new server, I couriered it to him, so when I got my server back it was just plug and play. My server is a Fan-less PC i5 and runs on Linux Audiophile optimized as per website specs with Roon version 1.8 as my preferred method for library management and playback, all the music in my library is located in the internal SSD which is integrated with my virtual Tidal library in Roon, this wonderful setup allows me to get rid of my noisy NAS drive and my previous streamer (which was highly reviewed btw).

The sound is amazing and just as good as a high-end CD player if not better!

The server is the transport and connects directly via USB into my LampizatOr Amber MK3 Digital to Analog Converter.
I can hardly tell the difference in sound quality between my local library files and Tidal streaming. It definitely sounds a lot better than what I had before, what an amazing upgrade!

This to me is a huge step forward and I think definitely the way of the future.

Thank you for an amazing product!

 by N Erasmus
An unforgettable visit at Audio Tweak

I would do your system injustice to separately discuss the three tiers of the audio spectrum, as the sum of its parts are much greater than the isolated frequency ranges, which I must admit is stunning as well. Rather, I will approach this short review holistically, as that is what makes a system unforgettable.
Your system can balance the opposites of the audio spectrum to an enlightening level, being able to translate so much texture, tonal density, and gravitas, whilst still being able to create a majestically open and airy vista. It has incredible visceral slam, whilst still being gentle and delicate. The visceral character is not solely located within the bass registers, but rather spread throughout the whole of mid/bass spectrum, providing the midrange with incredible punch, pace, and authority. It is supremely detailed, leaving no stone unturned, but never to the expense of utter musicality.
It is an absolute giant slayer in the focus and micro detailing department, conjuring up illuminated images with dexterity and precisions in all its three-dimensional grandeur. How such a dark backdrop can be obtained with an all-out tubed based system is mind boggling indeed. The vividness, energy and speed of the higher frequencies would make you believe you’re sitting in front of a classy pair of electrostatic speakers, but, as this is not the case, you are showered with tons of gut-busting lower frequencies with the least amount of overhang and bloat I ever had the pleasure to experience.
Your system speaks to what is not physically possible to achieve without careful planning, immense sound signature knowledge and an absolute ruthless dedication to system synergy and speaker positioning.
N Erasmus.

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