Studio Electric Speakers

Made in the US, Studio Electric are fast and neutral with a very natural presentation. The M4 mini monitors are acoustic suspension-type with no ports, this makes them incredibly compatible in most rooms regardless of poor acoustic. Their sound is comparable to large floorstanders, with an open agile and very articulate midband and bass. No bloat or boom!

M4R Mini Monitors

The Studio Electric M4R mini monitors are the ribbon-tweeters version of the similar soft-dome tweeters M4 model (also available on our website), they were custom-made to Audio Tweak’s requirements.

The M4R now adds that extra sense of sparkle and air with added resolution on the top-end, of course this also influences the midrange and as a result due to the ribbon’s incredible agility and speed which improves the transient response and leading edge of notes by bringing superlative focus!


M4 Mini Monitors

Acoustic Suspension (non-ported) speakers – Award Winners

“If you’re in the market for a stand mount speaker at this price point, don’t bother putting the Studio Electric m4 speakers on a shortlist… THEY ARE YOUR SHORTLIST” – David Blumenstein –

Rarely have I heard a speaker that approximates, let alone rivals, the imaging prowess of these little numbers. They possess the uncanny ability to cast instruments and voices in holographically stark relief… – Maurice Jeffries – Positive Feedback