Audio Tweak offers the following to our clients:

Wanna add texture to the midrange, more density, a more palpable sound? Why buy an amplifier when the one you have could do with some mods or tweaks.
We’ve often gone to clients and found out that their speakers were poorly setup, the room was not ideal, etc

Mods and a bit of attention to your setup can help your system by rectifying its tonal balance inadequacies and shortfalls.
Wanna improve your speakers to tame down those hot tweeters or forward midrange? Why buy a new pair? A simple mod and re-voicing is all that may be required, this can even be done in the comfort of your own home.

Some strategic room treatment will also go a long way. You need to consult with us before you go and blow your hard earned cash on new equipment when the solution could actually be a lot simpler than you think.

Buying equipment should be the last thing on your list, when all fails and when proper care has been taken to have achieved too little or not enough sonically, then upgrading makes the most sense. Again, upgrading requires a know-how as to what component will have the biggest return on your investment sound-wise in order to achieve a very musical and neutral tonal balance. This is an art.

Just so you know, we’re not detail freaks, we are tone freaks, we rectify tonality first and then we chase resolution, not the other way ’round.



Cables made to length are terminated to the highest specs.
We make HDMI cables to exact lengths which are better than even the most expensive cables out there, they measure better and offer outstanding performance.
CAT5e cables to exact lengths with the best terminations in the field.
USB audio-grade cables without snake-oil are made and terminated to military standards.
Subwoofer cables are terminated to very high standards and will outperform any top brands for a lot less money.
Low capacitance interconnects made to exact length are manufactured to military standards.
SPDIF coaxial cables are made to very high military standards. Please email us for more info?

Room acoustic expertise and professional and meticulous installations.
Synergising with cables to achieve perfect tone, copper or silver? This is important in order to get the right balance for your particular setup.
Resonance devices to achieve the best sound. Different materials can make or break the sound, so we try various type.
Advise on system and component matching.

Repairs of high-end equipment.
Home Theatre installations.

Networking and setting-up media and music servers.
Integration of security, cameras and audio visual installations.

TeamViewer and remote desktop support.
Tutorial on streaming and networking media files.

Short on line-level inputs, we custom-make switch-boxes.

Custom made products? Just ask us…