Demo system

Audio Tweak, established since 1989.

Audio Tweak is a company driven by a passion for stereo, we have reps and maintenance/repair technicians in Cape Town and JHB. We also mod clients components, something our clients love because this allows them to maximise their sound with their existing products before moving up to higher models.

Our goal is not just to offer the finest products, but to offer the user a complete experience from start to finish, meaning, we see to it that your system is perfectly (sonically) balanced/synergised/matched and that the correct speakers are matched and placed in the goldilock position with the correct amplifier vis-à-vis to the room sizes/challenges and the listener’s chair (sweet spot). We take pride and spend hours at client’s homes to ensure the client’s system sound genuinely High-End. This is the single and most overlooked aspect of the audio visual industry. Avoid getting your fingers burned and seek advice from us first before taking the plunge. High-End can be a very dangerous experience for first time adventurers.

Give us a try, you owe it to yourself!