Audio Tweak, established since 1989.

Audio Tweak came into existence in 1989, driven by a passion for stereo, we are old school audio fanatics, passion driven and not money driven, we definitely don’t fall in the category of wholesale box movers.

With an impressive catalogue of products and brands under our belt, here are some of the names we were the first to represent in South Africa, OPPO Digital (universal players), Jolida, Benchmark Media, NuForce, LampizatOr, but to name a few…

We handpick products on merit and cutting edge innovation, for example LampizatOr has some ‘Direct Heated Triode’ tube DACs, you have to experience it to believe it, the closest experience to ‘real to real’ tape playback and vinyl/turntable playback.

The Linear Tube Audio ZOTL amplifiers avoid the use output transformers, and the combination of tubes with that implementation is simply mind blowing, no tube bloat and no lazy bass typically associated with many tube amplifiers.

With regards to cables, we only do the absolute best and finest, Black Cat cables have no equal, entirely made in a one man factory from start to finish, all parts start from scratch, the metallurgy, the cotton, the braiding, etc, Black Cat cables are sonically lighting fast, airy and open with an incredibly natural midrange and always sound focused and clear with a hint of single-ended magic through the midrange. Truly spectacular!

With regards to source, front-end and playback devices, we custom make music servers and we also sell products such as the SOtM streamers with Roon support, sonically way superior to any laptop. We also help people make the most out of Roon, sonically we have a few tricks in our tweaker’s sleeves to make Roon sound absolutely out of this world.

Why choose us?

We sell direct to end-users, this means you save on the cost as we cut out the middle-man. Our prices are almost identical to the foreign prices which are always listed without taxes on their website.

NB: To compare our prices, always remember to include the tax if visiting any the original manufacturer’s websites.

We are friendly, and always at your service.

Give us a try, you owe it to yourself!