The Sound|Kaos VOX3AF mini monitors are unique mini monitors with four perfectly integrated drivers per speakers and are made in Switzerland with a performance that would easily put to shame some big names floor-standing speakers. Used in a medium size room, you will get amazing bass which will be tight, visceral and controlled with tremendous articulation and an amazing airy sparkly top-end thanks to it’s Raal top-firing ribbon tweeter. The Raal tweeters adds extra dimension and three dimensionality to the experience.

“The way it had all information blended with muscle tissue and colour was superbly executed by my standards. Its delicate, sensual, smooth and profoundly believable voicing translated to emotionally loaded, deeply engaging, intimate and highly intense musical experience way beyond what regular listening sessions usually provide.
“Bass-Wise”… On this count it did what no other similar product known to me does, but the fact alone that its two petite Swiss boxes actually managed sonics reserved for specialist floorstanding loudspeakes is quite insane.
HiFi Knights

  • Compact 4 drivers 3-way monitor
  • Available in Solid Walnut, Cherry, Oak and Ash
  • Custom colour wood stain finishes
  • Bronze mesh woofer covers
  • Optional stands with metal or matching wood support legs
  • Optional Lessloss Firewall (Extra R35000)

11 cm custom bronze basket Alnico motor paper cone full-range drivers| two back-to-back force cancelling 13 cm custom woofers p/speake | ambient RAAL ribbon super tweeter top-mounted | oiled or waxed finish | bandwidth 38 Hz – 35kHz | 90 dB-efficient

* Price subject to change without notice.


Each speakers contains:

  • 11 cm custom bronze basket Alnico motor Enviée paper cone full-range driver
  • Two side-firing back-to-back force-cancelling 13 cm Galm Audio custom woofers
  • Upwards-firing ambient RAAL ribbon super tweeter
  • Oiled or waxed finish
  • Bandwidth 38 Hz - 35kHz
  • 90 dB-efficient
  • Size: 13.78H x 6.9W x 10.8D




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