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… The speakers recreate a soundfield with tremendous width, reasonable depth and accurate image placement. Given an appropriate recording, lateral layers are defined and independent of each other whilst depth is not as dramatically profound as our much more expensive reference.

… these speakers can create an extraordinary sense of being there. So whack on any vocal, male or female of suitable quality, and you’ll be astonished at the verisimilitude. Be it Chris Jones, Diana Krall or indeed any of the ‘showroom session’ suspects and you’ll have them pretty much in your room as far as current transducer technology allows.

… Yes, given the appropriate exposure, the VoiceBox S has the potential to reach classic status.
… People hear it and promptly, gleefully, hand over the green. As far as the Kramer household goes, these are under perpetual house arrest as the new small speaker reference.

… In my humble opinion, the Axis Loudspeakers VoiceBox S might just be amongst the very best mini monitors extant. Edgar Kramer


Simplicity… Tonality… Resolution

Simplicity – As simple as possible but not simpler, the VoiceBox S is a 2-way ported system using a high quality ribbon tweeter and 150mm mid/bass paper driver. The crossover network has been meticulously designed and painstakingly tuned to present a highly musical yet accurate sonic signature. The enclosure has been engineered as the ideal foundation for the drivers to efficiently and effectively propagate a thoroughly believable soundfield.

Endowed with a compact stature the the VoiceBox S is finished in a multi-layer black piano gloss finish of the highest mirror-like quality.

The decorative gloss black perforated aluminium grille features silver-accented edges and attaches via in-built magnets on the speaker’s baffle. For critical listening the grilles should be removed.

Tonality – The timbral or tonal quality of an instrument or voice communicates the music. VoiceBox S lives up to its name by recreating astoundingly accurate vocal tonality. This carries through to an instrumental sonic signature that is rich in textures and harmonic content, while the VoiceBox S’s dynamic envelope belies its modest stature.

Resolution – VoiceBox S; a seamless transition between ribbon and dynamic driver. An unprecedented level of musical and instrumental detail. A depiction of images as apparitions in a soundfield seemingly unrestricted by room boundaries.

Simply, the VoiceBox S compact transducer is at the cutting edge of loudspeaker design. Pure music…


  • 60 hz to 20 khz (mic on tweeter axis +/- 2db)
  • 45 hz to 20 khz (1/3 octave pink noise +/- 3 db
  • Sensitivity: 83 db
  • Impedance: 5 ohms
  • Power rating: 100w rms
  • 8 element electro-acoustic linkwitz-riley 4th order @ 3khz
  • 5.25″ nomex paper
  • Tweeter: 50mm metal true ribbon (custom)
  • Weight: 6.4 kg each (14 lbs)
  • US retail is $2500 (ask for our best price)

NB: If keen to hear them on your system, this may be possible. Audition it against other speakers you might be considering to purchase, you have nothing to lose! (Region dependent)


* Price subject to change without notice.





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