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Once I had installed these units in my rig I simply can’t sing their praise enough. I noticed an obvious lift in clarity, micro detail, sound stage etc. and noticed no detrimental effect over protracted listening. … I am awarding them my ultimate accolade – I do not want to send these RF Blockers back. (HiFi Pig review)


The Connected-Fidelity RF Blocker is designed to audiophile standards
High quality electrical components are housed in a die-cast aluminium box acting as a Faraday cage ensuring no further RF interference is picked up to enter the audio chain. The short attaching cables are multi-strand OFC copper, connectors are gold plated.

A wide-band radio frequency filter that increases audio fidelity.
The connected-fidelity™ “RF Blocker” is a simple to fit radio frequency (RF) filter array. It is supplied in pairs and there are three connection options – banana and spade terminals, or bare wires. They simply fit across the loudspeaker + and – input terminals (or amplifier loudspeaker outputs).

How they work?
RF ‘noise’ (WiFi and all other radio signals) is picked up by all cables, electronics and loudspeaker coils unless perfectly screened against RF. RF does ‘interfere’ with the audio signal so filtering out RF noise is an effective way of improving audio fidelity.

The RF Blocker is entirely passive, has no effect on impedance or any other amplifier/speaker characteristics.

The resulting increase in audible fidelity is an increase in musical coherence, the high frequencies are clearer, mids cleaner, the bass tighter and less ‘boxy’, the sound stage improved. The overall effect is of less ‘confused’ musical details, getting you closer to the musical event.



HiFi Pig review



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