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The Omega full range planars are one of the most musical loudspeakers ever conceived. And this, regardless of price… They compliment, without compromise, any well-fitted listening room. As a result, they will transform your listening room into a multi-dimensional scene of music action with exceptional sound reproduction, resolution and focusing. Thus, The Omega full range planars are guaranteed to please the most demanding concert goers, as well as lovers of reference recordings. The Omega’s should be mated to a robust and – at the same time – musical and preferably neutral amplification.

Here’s some quotes from the industry pros…

I have heard some electrostatic speakers paint an airy, almost surreal picture that, while initially intriguing, ultimately proves to be false. But the Omega speakers are not electrostatics and the presentation has a more authentic body and visceral feel.
—Don Shaulis, The Stereo Times

“In a way, I’m at a loss to do justice to the experience of listening to the Omegas. Smooth, neutral, relaxing? Surely! Speed of attack and settling, dynamic precision and accuracy of scale? Uncanny. Unmatched in overall musicality by any box speaker I have heard? afraid so…..”  “The Omegas are simply the most satisfying speakers, for every musical genre, that I have ever reviewed…..and I expect to be listening to them for a long time!”
—Wayne Donnelly, Enjoy the Music

…with growing enthusiasm I heard through my record collection. Until now I have never got in touch with a speaker which plays all kind of music-genre with such a authenticity like the OMEGA. If it is Rock or Pop, Classic – the light or the heavy one, even real German Folk-music, I did not found a critical point.

….For me, the OMEGA is a real object of desire and every cent worth.
—- Helmut Rohrwild, HiFi&Records


* Price subject to change without notice.

  • Rating:400 W
  • Dimensions: 168 cm, 61 cm, 6 cm
  • Weight each: 45 kgr
  • Type: Full range, floorstanding loudspeaker
  • Woofer: Planar Magnetic, eff. area 564.2 sq in
  • Midrange/Tweeter: Direct Coupled Ribbon, eff. area 46.5 sq in
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 86dB/W/m
  • Frequency Response: 22Hz to 20kHz
  • Crossover Type: First Order (6dB per octave)
  • Crossover Frequency: 650Hz
  • Recommended Amplifier: 50 to 400 Watts




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