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Why you should choose our Linux-based ROON music servers?
Contrary to many other music servers manufacturers, we prefer to use Linux, we love it because it is incredibly light and sonically purer than any Windows-based machines. Believe me, we’ve tried Windows Pro with all kinds of optimisation plugins and nothing comes close to Linux.
Linux is hassle-free, detects your DAC’s sound-card automatically, is safer from a security standpoint with no anti-virus needed and no vulnerable backdoors unlike Windows.

Highlights & Features:
* Fan-less (Dead-Quiet).
* Disabled Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi = noise), please use CAT6 connectivity.
* Compatible with Android/Apple Apps.
* We setup your streaming services (e.g. Tidal) accounts.
* We setup your ROON settings.
* AnyDesk remote desktop pre-loaded for easy maintenance from our team.

On the fly ON/OFF switch for:
* Up-sampling PCM to DSD.
* Up-sampling 16bit files to 24bit.
* Pre-loaded EQ settings (e.g. treble-up mild padding, bass-up mild padding).

We offer three servers options:

  • i5 with 8g of RAM (Beginner’s Audiophile Server)
    Good performance up to 192kHz PCM & DSD24 files (some limitations beyond DSD24 Up-Sampling).
  •  i7 with 8g of RAM (High-End Audiophile Server)
    Excellent performance up to 192kHz PCM & DSD128 files (native or Up-Sampling).
  •  i7 with 16g of RAM (Ultimate Audiophile Server)
    Huge horse-power performance up to 192kHz PCM & DSD256 files (native or Up-Sampling).

Pricing & Customization of your Server:

External Power Supplies Options


More info:

Why a dedicated ROON Server and not a laptop?
Laptops are burdened by much bloatware and many default apps running in the background, even if the CPU or RAM is high, it’s OK for multi-tasking and having a few applications running simultaneously such as Photoshop, spreadsheets, browsers running all at once, but it stops there. Used as a dedicated music server, a laptop falls drastically short in delivering full throttle and dedicated horse power to one single specific task. Keep your laptop for your office or occasional YouTube viewing.
A dedicated audiophile-based ROON Server has only and only one task, to assign all its resources to your music playback, nothing more and nothing less, the results are breath-taking with increase in resolution, inner-detail, pitch-black backgrounds and a great sense of naturalness and musical flow. Things sound less like bits being processed and more like real music.

What does more horse power offers you?
Look at the CPU and Memory as if you would a garden hose, a thin hose will constrict the flow and a fat hose will open the floodgates.
* Effortless operation and files processing.
* Less heat and taxing of the hardware.
* Increases speed of use, higher sampling rates are processed with ease.
* Makes up-sampling PCM to DSD a breeze.
* Cleaner & Better sound.

ROON is the most customisable and sonically most accurate, best audiophile playback software out there.
We’ve had clients go from other platforms to ROON and be totally blown away.
The user’s experience is amazing and incredibly intuitive with endless customisation options.
More info.

Why the option of a linear power supply?
* Less noise.
* Blacker background.
* Best possible sound from a computer-based machine.

Why an external power supply and not an internal one?
Better isolation from the main server.

Why a silent machine with passive CPU cooling?
* Mechanically quiet.
* Vanishing noise floor during playback.
* Better inner-detail and fidelity from your music.
* Fans are noisy, and tend to fail.

Files compatibility:
PCM (WAV, FLAC, AIFF, AU, ape, m4a, MPEG-4 SLS, MPEG-4 ALS, MPEG-4 DST, WMA, AAC, WMA, mp3).
DSD (.dsf .dff).

16Bit, 24Bit.
DSD24, 128, and 256 (Ultimate Server only).

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