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Our Media server is a combination of our audiophile model with the option to have Netflix and movie streaming:
Our server is based on a Linux operating system.

Play your music via USB into a DAC of your choice and play your movies via the HDMI output.

Highlights & Features:
* Linux OS
* Fan-less (Dead-Quiet).
* Wi-Fi on
* Latency-optimised for best audio.
* Fine-tuned BIOS (disabled redundant features).
* CPU optimization (For cleaner sound).
* All LED lights OFF on the MB (no stray EMI noise).
* Compatible with Android/Apple Apps.
* We setup your streaming services (e.g. Tidal) accounts.
* We setup your ROON settings.
* Additional ROON access via PC desktop machine or laptop.
* We setup your Netflix or other movie streaming accounts.
* AnyDesk remote desktop pre-loaded for easy maintenance from our team.

On the fly ON/OFF switch for ROON:
* Up-sampling PCM to DSD.
* Up-sampling 16bit files to 24bit.
* Pre-loaded EQ settings (e.g. treble-up mild padding, bass-up mild padding).

We offer two media/movies servers options:

  • i5 with 8g of RAM (Entry-Level Audiophile Server)
    High performance and best value for money server.
  • i7 with 8g of RAM (Best-value Audiophile Server)
    Unrestricted horse power.

Pricing & Customization of your Server:

Power Supplies Options

Internal – Switch-Mode PSU            External – Linear PSU
Switchmode PSU

More info:

Why a dedicated ROON Server and not a laptop?
Laptops are burdened by much bloatware and many default apps running in the background, even if the CPU or RAM is high, it’s OK for multi-tasking and having a few applications running simultaneously such as Photoshop, spreadsheets, browsers running all at once, but it stops there. Used as a dedicated music server, a laptop falls drastically short in delivering full throttle and dedicated horse power to one single specific task. Keep your laptop for your office or occasional YouTube viewing.
A dedicated audiophile-based ROON Server has only one single task, to assign all its resources to your music playback, nothing more and nothing less, the results are breath-taking with increase in resolution, inner-detail, pitch-black backgrounds with a great sense of naturalness and musical flow.

The difference between streaming and a server with Roon, and why a server is always best!
Roon uses a lot of resources CPU wise, so a streamer connecting to a core machine (eg: a PC or Laptop) will not provide sufficient horse power to handle some of the demands put by Roon, this mostly because of the laptop or computer negotiating between the streamer and ROON. For instance if your music is on a NAS drive and connected via CAT6 cable to a streamer, when Roon does periodic files check and updates and your music library is situated on a NAS or hard drive, the demand for this task alone will in most cases cause your Roon Core to either crash or freeze, songs will suddenly stop in the middle of playback. However, for those who own a large music library, a server with say a 2TB built-in SSD will eliminate such a problem.

What does more horse power offer you?
Look at the CPU and Memory as if you would a garden hose, a thin hose will constrict the flow and a fat hose will open the floodgates.
* Effortless operation and files processing.
* Less heat and taxing of the hardware.
* Increases speed of use, higher sampling rates are processed with ease.
* Makes up-sampling PCM to DSD a breeze.
* Cleaner & Better sound.

ROON is the most customisable and sonically most accurate, best audiophile playback software out there.
We’ve had clients go from other platforms to ROON and be totally blown away.
The user’s experience is amazing and incredibly intuitive with endless customisation options.
More info.

Why the option of a linear power supply?
* Less noise.
* Blacker background.
* Best possible sound from a computer-based machine.

Why a silent machine with passive CPU cooling?
* Mechanically quiet.
* Vanishing noise floor during playback.
* Better inner-detail and fidelity from your music.
* Fans are noisy, and are prone to failure.

Files compatibility:
PCM (WAV, FLAC, AIFF, AU, ape, m4a, MPEG-4 SLS, MPEG-4 ALS, MPEG-4 DST, WMA, AAC, WMA, mp3).
DSD (.dsf .dff).

16Bit, 24Bit.
DSD24, 128, and 256 (Ultimate Server only).

* Price subject to change without notice.

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