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With glowing reviews, all claiming the same, the UBIQ AUDIO MODEL ONE is for music lovers, the UBIQ AUDIO MODEL ONE will deliver massive SPL playback, grunt, gravitas and a very open natural sound. Compatible with tube amps and power as conservative as 40 or 50W.

“Highly captivating and also mind-blowing!! …   fluent and coherent unison of highs, mids and bass without the typical and instantly recognized set of problems (horn colorations and hardening of the sound) usually exposed by speakers from Avantgarde Acoustic, Cessaro, Accapela, etc.. – Matej Isak – Mono & Stereo

Huge scale sound, unrestricted dynamics, with this extraordinary, lively energy that sent me straight to audiophile heaven.   These were one of the best loudspeakers I ever reviewed ”  – Marek Dyba – High Fidelity Poland

* Price subject to change without notice.

  • All drivers have much bigger than average voice coil diameters (tweeter 38 mm, midrange 54 mm, woofer 76 mm).
  • All drivers are made out of the time and again proven materials that have the least damaging sonic signature: Polyester and paper cones (no metals or ceramics here).
  • The front baffle geometry and placement of the drivers were chosen with regard to the typical room conditions and corresponding acoustic demands. The woofer is placed at the point where it does not cause the damaging lower midrange/upper bass notch (typically between 100 and 200 Hz) that makes the majority of even very expensive speakers to sound thin and lifeless. This phenomena usually happens in relatively small rooms with speakers that have woofers located high off the ground. Lower midrange/upper bass is actually the key to realistic music reproduction. Various experienced music lovers describe it as: body, weight, density, authority, etc ... and we have ensured this crucial frequency spectrum is properly reproduced because without it the music will never sound realistic.
  • The internal (outer) shape of the loudspeaker enclosure minimizes the internal reflections and makes the whole box less resonant. The box itself is made of Okoume wood (Aucoumea klaineana).
  • The 12" woofer has an unusually large diameter voice coil (76 mm) with large vented pole piece and under-spider venting and is able to dissipate a lot of heat, meaning the thermal compression effects are very low. Also, the mechanical robustness is enhanced by the virtue of a very long X-max (cone linear travel). It operates in a closed box (no port) which guarantees highly dynamic and very precise bass reproduction without the susceptibility to infrasonic noise and, with it, the associated excessive cone motion of the ported box variety. Immunity to infrasonic noise is very desirable with analog turntable sources.
  • The 8" midrange has a 54 mm diameter voice coil, neodymium magnet and an acoustically very well behaved paper cone. It operates in an aperiodically damped enclosure that minimizes the internal pressure on the midrange cone, resulting in a more natural and relaxed sound.
  • The oversized 38 mm tweeter works in a specially designed waveguide and together they provide much higher than usual dynamics in the midrange/tweeter transition area and a smooth room power response. The tweeter reaches 30 kHz on axis, easily.
  • The crossover network, the heart of each loudspeaker system, is point-to-point wired and uses carefully chosen crossover points and acoustic slopes that allow for the greatest micro and macro dynamics' responsiveness, as well as the greatest definition and transparency. The crossover components consist only of premium quality material placed in a strategically effective manner.
  • Anechoic frequency response: 40 – 30.000 Hz, +/- 3 db
  • Typical in-room frequency response: 30 - 30.000Hz, +/- 3 db (since the woofer is a sealed design the low frequency extension can reach 25Hz depending on the placement)
  • The speaker presents an easy electrical load for all amplifiers by the virtue of its linearized impedance (5 Ohm average).
  • The outer shape and all of the thoughtful visual details speak of an elegant, timeless design that fits into every ambience and will be appreciated highly even for many decades to come.
  • The speakers are broken-in during the factory testing phase and thus are immediately ready to perform on the highest sound quality level.
  • Specifications: Tweeter 38 mm / Midrange 200 mm / Bass 300 mm / Sensitivity 88 db / Impedance 6 Ohm / Frequency response 40-30 kHz +/- 3 db / Power 200 W Continuous / Weight 42 kg
  • Dimensions: 42 (W) x 37 (D) x 118 (H) cm





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