LampizatOr Golden Gate DAC

Golden Gate MK2 DAC


Considered by many to be the best DACs, LampizatOr bridges the gap between analog and digital by a very narrow and tight margin!

Positive Feedback 2015 AWARD!


The Golden Gate MK2 DAC is the Big7 DSD DAC made of the MOST expensive parts chosen by our customers in their wish-list survey.

To list some, it would go like this:

  1. Silver WBT solder used throughout
  2. Furutech IEC inlet AC socket
  3. WBT gold / silver RCA output sockets
  4. Furutech RCA digital input
  5. ATOM Vishay first capacitor after the tube
  6. Mundorf M-Lytic HV electrolytes in second stage of PSU
  7. Mundorf Foil MKP capacitors in third stage of power supply just before the tube anode
  8. Metal-Film laser cut resistor MLT in Anode Load
  9. Teflon sockets for all 3 tubes
  10. Output capacitors are the huge Jupiter-Copper 1uF caps, bypassed by Duelund Pure Silver caps. Yes, a hybrid, best of both worlds, supposedly beating even pure silver one-cap solution.
  11. All wiring is 26 GA stranded silver in teflon
  12. Rectifier tube is Emission Labs monstrous Mesh Plate 5U4G
  13. Music Tubes are Wester Electric Replica 101D / Metal base Psvane
  14. Digital input SPDIF capacitor is Jupiter Wax Copper 100nF
  15. Packing in a special customized stage case
  16. Chassis / box is made of pure copper stamped and powder clearcoated for 100 years of immaculate shine. Copper provides also head dissipation and the best EM shielding possible.
  17. A set of ceramic / steel roller-block feet supports the DAC

NB: If keen to hear it on your system, this may be possible. Audition it against other DACs you might be considering to purchase, you have nothing to lose! (Region dependent)


* Price subject to change without notice.





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