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Bass Trap 1M


Audio Tweak ATAC bass traps

Our ATAC bass traps are meant to be used behind each speakers (absolute must!) and behind the listening area (optional) in order to remove unwanted boom and bloat which often affects the mid-bass which can result in defused sonic images, time delays and blurring of notes emanating from your main loudspeakers. Without our bass traps your system will suffer from lack of precision and articulation.

Our bass traps will clean-up your sound and improve the sense of impact and clarity of your system. Without our ATAC bass traps, your hard earned cash on high-end systems is mostly wasted and it’s full potential will not be fully realised.

Our ATAC bass traps are finished in black.

* Filled with virgin sheep’s wool
* Excellent absorption properties in the bass and low-mids
* Effective in fighting flutter echos, reverberation and room modes
* For recording-/control rooms and audio applications
* Basstrap filling: Virgin sheep’s wool
* Outer material: Textile
* Top- and base plate are made from multiplex wood
* Certified environmentally friendly by natureplus®
* The biocide-free Ionic Protect® process protects the wool against insect infestation
* Flame retardant in accordance to standards set out by the ETA (European Technical Assessment)

Height: 104 cm
Diameter: 43 cm
Weight: Circa 12.5 kg
Colour: Black

* Price subject to change without notice.




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