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The LampizatOr Amber MK3 DAC started shipping in August 2019 as a successor to Amber MK2. We put a one year effort to squeeze as much of a good sound from Amber 2 as possible. It took a total redesign of the digital section, which in new form is derived directly from the Pacific program. It is by all means not as sophisticated and costly to make, but it retains surprisingly a lot of the Pacific good qualities – pure, natural, effortless, spacious and super dynamic presentation worthy of at least twice as expensive product.

We also redesigned power supply, and chose completely new tube compliment – consisting of a ECC99 super tube as input amplifier, in a zero feedback, single ended triode mode, as well as ECC82 as low impedance output buffer. This DAC, thanks to having output buffer – can drive particularly well the transistor amps.

Some other highlights are: copper output caps, CLC power filter with tube rectifier 6X5, true balanced option, volume control option, full analog preamp of very high quality, USB operation of the highest caliber, newly designed muting to avoid pops and clicks in computer operation, and many many more.

My wife, Belle, walks in from shopping, sits down and listens blindly to both DACs.  30 seconds into the Lampi’s turn, she effuses, “I like this one better!”  Ayllon Media review

NEW in 2020 Amber MK3 model:
• Completely new, better digital engine by Lampizator (versus Sabre kit previously)
• Better, Auto detect DSD and PCM on Amanero, not XMOS
• USB input plus RCA S/PDIF (versos Toslink previously) .
• Up to 128 x DSD, up to 385 kHz PCM with perfect muting of arterafcts
• better output – PureCopper Lampizator branded caps (versus Tin foil previously)
• Better Ecc802, Ecc99 and Ecc82 tubes
• Better improved Amber tube output stage (taken from our famous Level 4 DAC)
• Fully Integrated, better digital section PSU
• New dedicated Toroid transformer designed especially for this model (bigger and better regulated)
• 115 or 230 V or dual voltage versus fixed mains.


* Price subject to change without notice.

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by Eitan Prince on Audio Tweak

My listening room now includes a new Lampizator Amber MK 2. Equally important are some less glamorous additions that have been equally important to improving sound quality. In just one evening Ramsey identified some room acoustic issues, alleviated them with some temporary home remedies and improved my speaker positioning. The results have been significant!

Eitan Prince

Eitan - Audio Tweak fixes issues no one else could.


• Auto detect DSD and PCM
• USB input plus RCA S/PDIF .
• Up to 128 x DSD, up to 385 kHz PCM
• PureCopper Lampizator branded caps.
• Ecc81, Ecc88 and Ecc82 tubes
• 6X5 rectifier diode
• Dimensions 430 mm W, 130 mm H, 330 mm D
• Black or silver aluminum front panel
• SE analog outputs . No XLR balanced even as option (see Level 4 DAC)
• 115 or 230 V or dual voltage.
• Warranty 5 years excluding the tubes.




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