Welcome to Audio Tweak!

We hate to break it to you, you can have the best and most expensive high-end gear, if it isn’t setup correctly in the right room and preferably rectangular, you are wasting your money.
The speakers have to pressurise the room and becomes a subwoofer “so to speak”, and we all know that subwoofers have to be carefully positioned to avoid boom and phase anomalies. Speakers requires the same attention to setting up. Once the speakers have been put in the correct place in your room (without WAF *wife acceptance factor* interference), with zero compromise, your room (note, not your speakers) will be transformed into a time machine!

This is where we come in. No other company that we know of offers this kind of service.

Sure we will guide you in your purchase adventure, but we will not aim to sell gear to you unless we can avoid a total mismatch synergy-wise or room-coupling/speakers setup-wise.

Our business prides itself in the quality of the full experience.

 Some clients feedback…