Tired of poorly mastered CDs or music files?

Bright, thin and harsh recordings, be it from files or discs are very common, but in some cases it isn’t even the recording, it might be the speed at which the disc was pressed, the higher the speed (commercial music), the grainier or thinner the music will sound, the slower the pressing, the warmer and sweeter the music will be, try it on your laptop and see what we mean, issues even such as the centre hole of the disc being just one or two micron-millimetre off the centre will inflict jitter during playback, this causes the laser of your CD player or source to battle tracking the 1’s and 0’s that are embedded in the disc putting a larger demand on it’s power supply and hardware causing stress which later translates to an artifact known as jitter, the outcome of jitter is a harshness, thinness or brittleness and even brightness in the treble region often polluted by a grain overlaid on top of the music.

We can correct this for you.

So here’s some of the services associated with remastering that we offer our clients:

  1. We will remaster and correct dips in the midband, improve bass, tame bright recordings and flesh-out the midrange to give you a much more natural and linear sound.
  2. We can unpack your DVD music to WAV or FLAC into 24bit high resolution quality so you can also have these files for your audio system. Audiophiles, take notice!
  3. Convert your FLAC, WAV, or DVD files to DSD (.dsf). Audiophiles, take notice!
  4. 432Hz pitch correction, not by default (optional and at client’s request).
  5. Convert some of your  50/60’s stereo music back to mono.
  6. Channels correction or reversal reflecting original master tape.
  7. Gain adjustment or compensation for low output recordings.
  8. Metadata and thumbnails corrections.

Repairs or changes are returned to the client in the highest format .

Let us offer you a free sample of  one of your tracks to play back on your system and see if you like what you hear, we promise you will be back for more!
If you are outside South Africa, we can easily upload your order for you to download it once purchased.

Get one song done totally free of charge and judge for yourself. Upload it on your Google Drive and share the link with us via email, we shall then remaster it for you at no cost and upload it on our personal Google Drive in order to send you the link for you to retrieve it, you have nothing to lose. You may then decide if it is worth your investment to do entire albums that you might think require our remastering treatment. We will only accept high caliber formats such files from 16bit/44100Hz or above and strictly no MP3 files.  

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by Robert Wahl on Audio Tweak
Amazing difference from the default wav files!

Had this real bad recording of Dead Can Dance, The Serpent's Egg, just never got it to sound natural and fleshed out, after submitting it to Audio Tweak, surprise surprise, the thing took a life all of it's own, it's still a 16bit rip, but my oh my, the difference is nothing short of unfreakinbelievable, tone is rich, mids are lush, bass is deep, voices are more organic, and the top end is no longer sharp and overly etched! Yum! Thank you Audio Tweak for this job, don't know how you did it, but I love it!