USB Disruptor

USB Disruptor


The USB Disruptor is a revolutionary USB solution that replaces your common USB cable with two devices designed to eliminate the 5V line by giving a pure and noise-free 5V supply from an external power-supply fed directly from your mains instead of your computer or laptop. The result is detail and images that pop right out of an inky-black and quieter background. Computers and laptops generates a lot of noise that pollutes your DAC, this is now taken care of, and for the first time you will hear your music as it was intended to sound!

The USB Distruptor should be paired with the DaBigGenius for best results, this is because the DaBigGenius cable does not have the 5Volt line and is designed to perform seamlessly with the USB Disruptor.

The matching DaBigGenius USB cable (optional)



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