Batpro II


Air Motion Transformer Super Tweeter by TakeT! (* Before enquiring, ensure that you are living in South Africa, we do not export them).

The TakeT “Heil-based” AMT Batpro II super tweeter is an astonishing add-on to any system. Notably you will get a huge boost in three dimensionality, you will also get a more palpable midrange and greater density with incredibly more vivid image outlines! You will not get a thinner sound, and no you will not get a brighter sound, on the contrary, you will get a boost in realism and a blacker background.

The Batpro II Super Tweeter is for the serious audiophile looking for the final tweak by seeking to elevate his or her system beyond the realms of what it is already capable of.

Just place them on top of your main speakers pointing straight at the same ratio as your speakers tow.

The main specification

  • Maximum input voltage; 35V
  • Impedance; 8ohms
  • Reproduction frequency band region;
    18kHz-150kHz or more
  • The maximum output sound efficiency;
    100dB/W/m Five stage switch
  • Mass; About 300 grams
  • Size;125mm(width)90mm(height)
    100mm(depth terminals are contained)
  • Drive system;
    Polymer piezo-electric Heil type
1. Sound wave radiation board
3. Black speaker terminal(minus).
4. Red speaker terminal(plus).
5. rotary switch1
The explanation of the
rotary switch
Five settings for the SPL efficiency of the speaker
OFF ; 50dB
1 ;   70dB
2 ;   80dB
3 ;   90dB
4 ;  100dB

Note 1:
The protection circuit operates over 100V (However, a test signal by 20kHz or more shoud be under 10V). It returns to the origin when you turns off power)

Note 2:
We have determined the reproduction ability of 150kHz or more. That measurement limit of the microphone
used for the measurement at the university research laboratories.

Note 3:
Connection method

1. Please connect the speaker terminals of BATPRO2 in parallel with the speaker terminals of the main speaker. Or you connect it directly with the speaker output terminals at the amplifier.
In some cases, there are speakers that have reverse-polarity, in such case please connect the +terminal and -terminal in reverse.

2. Please connect it with high pitch(tweeter) side at the bi-wiring connection.

NB: If keen to hear them on your system, this may be possible. You have nothing to lose! (Region dependent)


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