Ethernet Cat 6 Audio Grade Cable.

… “Experience a notable sound enhancement of your network!”

The aim of MeiCord is to bring the cable’s properties as close as possible to the contacts of the plugs to provide an optimal data transmission. The distinctive physical properties of a data network cable are firstly that each pair is twisted and secondly, that the pairs are in a defined position to each other. The structure and symmetry properties characterise the impedance, ideally 100 ohm.


…”I tested your cable and it is really excellent. I have high end hi-fi in high value with many almost extreme cables, like Silent wire, power cables, interconnect and loudspeaker cables and also Valhalla cables from Nordost. I could not imagine that also LAN cables could so much influence the quality of the sound in such level. Congratulations.” .. D.Hrastnik, Slovenia


Review short:

…”Through the Meicord, the music seemed blessed with more weight, solidity and authority. It was more convincing both in tonal terms where instruments had more credible timbre, and in its timing, where music had a more persuasive and cohesive sense of flow.”… HiFi Choice UK



MeiCord HiFi Choice Award

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