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The Atlantic DAC is the best performance per dollar ever offered by Lukaz Fikus at LampizatOr. It sets the bar very high, and does it in big style.

“The “clarity” in this DAC — and by that I mean a combination of immediacy and “openness”, a description that almost defies words if the actual experience of the unveiling isn’t also in the offing — is excellent.

The Atlantic is a phenomenal effort from LampizatOr. I’ve been a fan of the brand for many years, and I think this is their best work to date. Simply outstanding — a must-listen.” Parttimeaudiophile

The key design factors:
* Using DHP – Directly Heated Pentode tubes (our cheapest Directly Heated product !)
* Running in Single Ended Triode (SET) mode – very puristic and elegant schematics
* Conversion by means of Discrete Resistor Ladder DAC (R2R) – probably the best implementation in the known Universe
* DSD seamlessly playing from mixed PCM playlists (up to 256xDSD) via USB
* PureCopper Lampizator-brand output capacitors
* Level 4 type of chassis with Lite 7 power supply and other circuits (with exposed tubes on top)
* Fabulously musical and easily available 4P1L tubes from the best Soviet military era

The combination of the above factors is impossible to find in any DAC in this price range, maybe even in any DAC period. The most exotic and highest in audiophile hierarchy factors like R2R and DHP make it extremely rare and desired breed of highest performance music players available at any price.


* Size: [W x H x D ] : 43 x 13 (plus tubes 10 cm) x 33 (plus 10 cm for cables at the back)
* Weight: 11 kg net, 14 kg shipping gross
* PCM conversion R2R discrete ladder – up to 26 bit, up to 192 kHz via SPDIF, up to 384 kHz via USB
* DSD conversion via USB only, auto-sensing, auto switching, 64x, 128x, 256x
* Output voltage signal: 3 V pp
* Optional inputs: BNC, second SPDIF-RCA, AES/EBU, Toslink

Optional colours: front panel silver or anodized black.
Tube compliment: 4P1L pentode pair, loctal base.
Output capacitors: Lampizator brand, PureCopper, PP insulated.
Warranty: 5 years excluding tubes.

NB: If keen to hear it on your system, this may be possible. Audition it against other DACs you might be considering to purchase, you have nothing to lose! (Region dependent)



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