D-Link DGS-105

DGS-105 Re-Clocked



Noise is one of the biggest factors holding back detail. When playing music, you want all the encoded data and without any noise, so we developed a solution for our audiophile clients that will remedy noise and thus enhance your listening pleasure!

We modify the D-Link DGS-105 Ethernet Switch with an entirely new *high-speed ultra-low noise/low-jitter clock (board) fitted, huge headroom and low noise caps, and additional filtration. An optional power supply can be used to replace the original D-Link one which allows us to eliminate noise even further.

This is an excellent add-on product for people using a network-based system with NAS, streamers, servers, etc…. 


D-Link DGS-105 Ethernet switch

Expect better silences between notes, enhanced resolution and macro-detail. 

Jitter is hugely reduced and your CAT6 or CAT7 cables will get the full benefit of ultimate signal transfer with almost zero noise and interference to get between you and your music!  






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