Curious USB Cable 1.0m
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Curious USB Cable 1.0m


…”Curious USB turned out to be more resolving cable than Acoustic Revive

High-Fidelity Poland (Wojciech Pacuła)


Announcing – a USB cable that delivers a new level of musical performance!

The Curious USB cable has been designed with one thing in mind – to improve the sound quality of your computer based audio system.

Curious:  The enquiring mind… 

Why does the humble usb cable make such a difference to sound quality in a computer-based Hi-Fi system?

When I started using a computer server, people said “You won’t have to sweat over usb cables – they don’t make a difference!  It’s packets of data – it’s not analog.”

With this advice ringing in my ears, I continued to question why I was getting a flat, lifeless, edgy and uninvolving sound from my system – despite using the best processor, usb card, power supply and so on.

And yes, I did try a number of high-end, highly regarded usb cables – with similar disappointing results.

So, if you can’t get genuine audiophile quality from many commercially available usb cables, what’s a man to do?

This required investigation…

From a previous career as an audiophile cable and connector manufacturer, I had plenty of wire on hand to start the experimental process.  And what do you know?  Just about every wire combination I tested had an immediate, yet varied impact on sound quality.

So began a 12 month quest to discover a usb cable design that would deliver a truly three dimensional, musical sound – like the real thing.  I left no stone unturned.  I tested different diameters of wire, different metallurgy, shielding, dielectrics, ground techniques, how to deal with the 5V power leg and so on.  All the time listening.

And after a while I built up a set of parameters for a usb cable that worked for the delivery of music, rather than just delivery of data.
The result?  Music from my computer-based audio system sounded significantly better – in every way!  Much cleaner than before, more open and spacious, more detailed, smoother, more dynamic – and more involving.  Some may even use the word “musical”!

But hang on – usb cables aren’t supposed to make a difference. 

All I can say is this.  To my ears and those of experienced audiophiles – the new “Curious” usb cable offers a superior listening experience to many other usb cables.

Best results are attained when the cable is used:

  • Between an external hard drive and computer/music server, and/or…
  • Between a computer/music server and DAC




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