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LUPO Speaker Cables


Designed and manufactured by hand by Chris Sommovigo, the famous legend who bought us a while ago the Illuminati SPDIF digital cable.

“The Lupo cables should cause a rather wolfish grin if you prioritize a fully lit-up dimensionally liberated presentation with detail galore.” ~ Srajan Ebaen,

Inside Lupo I use a 99.999% pure Silver solid core conductor, fully annealed dead soft, inside the central air-filled Teflon tube. You will not find the high-contrast, whitewashed “sound of silver” here. Lupo is rich with all the colors, detail, and nuance of music without the stereotypical “spittiness” that silver has the reputation for, and this is because of three things:
• the temper of the conductor
• the size of the conductor
• the excellent self-damping of the cable’s form

I think you’ll find that Lupo is the silver cable that silver-lovers have always wanted but never quite received. The promise of silver without the penalties.

All RCAs and Banana plugs are of my own design, with signal traveling on directgold-plated pure copper with terminations being made under very high contact pressure before being soldered to ensure an ideal signal transfer. Chris Sommovigo

NB: If keen to hear these on your system, this may be possible. Audition them against other cables you might be considering to purchase, you have nothing to lose! (Region dependent)



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