Black Cat Digit USB cable
Black Cat

Digit USB cable


Hand-crafted by Chris Sommovigo, yes, the legend who was behind the famous Illuminati first genuine 75Ohm coax digital interconnect!

The Black Cat Digit USB cable is the most neutral USB cable you will find, not hyped, adding no tizz, brightness and fake leading edge to notes, simply letting the source shine!

The DIGIT USB is a very different take on the ordinary/mundane USB architecture that you’ll find even in some of the most expensive luxury-level USB cables available. In this instance, it provides twin 45-ohm highly preise micro-coaxial cables with real silver-plated copper-foil shielding (NOT metalized plastic mylar!) for the data lines. These are bound by a common pure copper shield, and then jacketed in nylon. Power and Ground are run in a separate layer in counter-rotating helices, and then an overall jacket is woven around the whole form.Chris Sommovigo


NB: If keen to hear these on your system, this may be possible. Audition them against other cables you might be considering to purchase, you have nothing to lose! (Region dependent)



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