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Taken from Audiophilleo’s Website:

Our all-new design virtually eliminates jitter artifacts—the long standing bane of digital systems—to deliver an absolutely over-the-top listening experience from any Mac, Windows or Linux computers and music server—even iPad and Logitech Squeezebox Touch!

And now you can achieve the highest possible analog-like performance with the PurePower option, regardless of computer source or USB cable. Absolutely no high frequency noise from your PC can make it into your DAC because there is no electrical connection between the two. It has more bang for the buck than expensive USB cables or other external power supplies.

And it’s so much more than just an interface. The Audiophilleo1’s dynamic, multi-function, full-color display makes setup and day-to-day operation a snap. Every feature, from its advanced digital volume control, to BitPerfect validation of the signal chain, and in-the-field firmware updates, is readily managed on-screen. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

There’s even a joystick for navigating the easy-to-read menus, which dim automatically once the music starts to play.

Only the Audiophilleo1 transport-processor has advanced RISC-based signal processing capabilities and a full complement of digital preamplifier controls—for less than one might pay for a USB interface alone. It’s a complete solution that delivers exceptional performance and convenience in a single, compact package.

Features galore…

  • Brilliant, oversized, full-color OLED display
  • Built-in joystick cursor
  • On-screen directions and help
  • Direct connection to any DAC, without a cable
  • Runs with standard USB drivers on Mac, Windows and Linux computers — even iPads
  • Noised-shaped, dithered digital volume control
  • Up to 192 kHz/24 bit playback (free Windows Vista/7 driver update included)
  • BitPerfect testing*
  • Calibrated left/right balance and channel swapping controls
  • Add new features in minutes by downloading firmware updates
  • Remote control receiver port
  • Unique JitterSimulator* lets you hear what jitter sounds like
  • Ramped muting is gentle on the ears, amps and speakers
  • Polarity reversal, while you listen
  • Always-on S/PDIF output eliminates clicks between tracks
  • Dual 12V triggers automatically control amps and other gear
  • USB-powered for easy installation
  • Multi-function LED status indicator
  • Compact and ergonomic: you can take it with you

Leading-edge design

There’s simply nothing better



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