Creating magic

Have you ever heard the term “this is magical” when someone visits a great sounding room?

How to get the MAGIC out of your system? Not to be confused with the sweet spot, the magic spot is the balancing act between the speakers’ position and the listening chair’s sweet spot, both play a role in getting the critical sound that I like to call MAGIC!

A seat may be too far back from your speakers and you will lose that MAGIC. A double glass door on your left from the listening chair will kill the magic by first making your sound too bright, this needs to be treated. An open plane kitchen to the right of your speakers will also kill the magic. So dear friends, please consult with us, stop upgrading by throwing your money with more expensive equipment and let deal with the root cause of your headaches.

Should your speakers may be too close to the rear wall, you will also lose that MAGIC.

You can spend a fortune on high-end, unless you fanatically take care of your seating, room acoustic problems and speakers position you will NEVER experience the full potential of your system, I repeat… NEVER!

One of our magical tools, the laser distance digital meter.

laser_white back

When that special position has been found, you will get air inside voices and around them and texture with it, you will get inner detail you NEVER knew existed, you will get resolution and attack beyond your wildest dreams. It takes hours, sometimes days and weeks to achieve this, most people will never get it right because they don’t know what they’re listening for and definitely don’t have the know-how. I have a client who I told to balance a pillow on his chandelier to hear what that could do, he was utterly amazed at how the peaks in his high-frequencies vanished to a great extent!

Do you want to experience this MAGIC, let me know?

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Book me for a proper set-up of your speakers, and prepare to be amazed!  

You may also want to book a demo at my place for this incredible experience!