Creating magic

Have you ever heard the term “this is magical” when someone visits a great sounding room?

How to get the MAGIC out of your system? Not to be confused with the sweet spot, the magic spot is the balancing act between the speakers’ position and the listening chair’s sweet spot, both play a role in getting the critical sound that I like to call MAGIC!

A seat may be too far back from your speakers and you will lose that MAGIC. A double glass door on your left from the listening chair will kill the magic by first making your sound too bright, this needs to be treated. An open plan kitchen to the right of your speakers will also kill the magic. The relationship between the room and the speakers is bigger than you think. Imaging is a phenomenon, without room treatment and careful positioning, you will not achieve it. Consult with us, before you go and waste more money on high-end equipment.

You can spend a fortune on high-end, and unless you fanatically take care of your seating, room acoustic problems and speakers position you will NEVER experience the full potential of your system.

When that special position has been found, you will get air inside voices and around them and texture with it, you will get inner detail you NEVER knew existed, you will get resolution and attack beyond your wildest dreams.

Consultation is FREE! The deal is IF I offer a substantial improvement within the first hour, my fee is R800 p/hr ($80 p/hr). The client has nothing to lose.

Options for stereo setups:
A) “Musicality” Ultimate Tonal Improvements “improves/enlarges the sweet spot” (this setup is friends and family friendly) usually takes less than 3 hours = R800 p/hr.
B) “Audiophile” Ultimate Focus with tonal improvements “laser-sharp pin-point focus of images” (narrows the sweet spot, not family friendly) and can take up to 10 hours (a few visits) = R600 p/hr.
C) The above improvements can partially be achieved with poor room acoustic or no room treatments at all but within limitations. Improvements are still substantial but NOT to the full extent if room treatment was allowed and full manoeuvrability within the room or speakers and furniture placement rearrangement is allowed.
D) Room treatments is something we discuss with the client as we locate boom and echo issues such as hollowness and cuppy bathroom effect, from there, we recommend the correct treatments.
E) All added gadgets such as anti-resonance devices or platforms added are optional.

For non-audiophile set-ups (such as tone + laser-sharp pin-point focus), the improvements will only be tonal balance related which is still important to you, this will increase the musicality of your system.

Book with us a proper set-up of your speakers, and prepare to be amazed!  

Here’s some idea of the kind of expertise we can offer our clients and architects. Click this link for a brief explanation of the kind of expertise and service we can offer you. 

Feel free to book a demo at our place for a once in a lifetime incredible experience!