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Clients Testimonials - Audio Video Equipment Sales and Installations, South Africa

… With the LampizatOr L4, the whole picture changed.
All instruments sound very natural tonally and are accurate, which remind me the older vinyl days.
What impresses me the most is the ability of L4 to resolve complicated passages of music when
many instrument are layered with incredible dynamics, with 3D and authority which apparently
Theta Gen 8 lack.  Zaro review – LampizatOr Level 4 DAC

… Source is the most important part of the audio chain!
For the first time my speakers disappeared in the room. I had always read in the audio press about
speakers disappearing in the room, and I have had experience of this with the extreme stereo effects on
some recordings, but the LampizatOr DAC makes my speakers disappear, period. The 3D spatial effects
are amazing, disconcerting to a point as I need to re-adjust my experience of well known recordings…

This LampizatOr DAC is what ‘digital’ has been waiting 30 years for. The LampizatOr DAC has managed to turn all my CD recordings into LP’s, without the crackles and pops most analogue loving audiophiles have had to learn to like for the sake of that magical sound they knew only LP could serve up…  – Rui review – LampizatOr Level 4 DAC

…The LampizatOr converted this previously ‘unremarkable’ song into a rich sonic
presentation – a tight deep bass drum thumped alongside a gentle tabla, highlighted by distinct keyboards ,occasionally accompanied by a horn section. This unnoticed song turned out to be a
well recorded sonic experience! Yes , and for the first time I heard many more subtle sounds (songs that I knew well ) that I had
not heard before!
The LampizatOr has presented music in a vibrant , textured manner that I had not imagined or
experienced before. It has opened a whole new audio world for me and I can’t wait to sample
more music… Dharmendra review – LampizatOr Level 4 DAC & System

… I heard the lampi in my system 3 weeks ago and was blown away. I am comparing it to the Mark Levinson 30.6 I had and the Vivere, listened to at Mike and Jandre (who then bought the ML from me). I recently changed my whole system completely. From source to speakers as I wanted to try something different. I am also now playing with Roon and Mac with breeze audio DSD DAC.  I have been amazed by the advancements in digital playback other than just CD. I have also had the privilege of listening to everything JJ has ever had and most of the time in my own system. I also just heard the dCS Puccini next to the lampi Level 4 and felt that it was slightly better than dCS.

I have listened to the vivere and lampie. There is absolutely no contest as the lampizator is on another planet completely. They should not be mentioned in the same sentence.   Donovan


Thank you, Ramsey of Audio Tweak!

My listening room now includes a new Lampizator Amber MK 2. Equally important are some less glamorous additions that have been equally important to improving sound quality. In just one evening Ramsey identified some room acoustic issues, alleviated them with some temporary home remedies and improved my speaker positioning. The results have been significant!

Eitan Prince

Eitan – Audio Tweak fixes issues no one else could.

I have bought three Jolida products from you, and also some second hand bits. In every case I have been pleased with the products, very happy with the service and impressed with the feedback from yourself.

I would without doubt, recommend you and your company to anyone wanting to purchase equipment.   Chris Templer


My system went from a white elephant on Gumtree to an audiophile’s wet dream. It is an anomaly. It shouldn’t sound as good as it does, given the price category into which it falls.

It was a few tweaks in the right places – correct choice of tubes, speaker cable, interconnects and signal capacitors. The result is a well-synergized system – one that will give many more expensive systems a good run for their money, and I daresay even surpass them in certain key areas.

Ramsey was willing to work with me within my budget constraints, giving me the best components I could afford – except where to do so would have resulted in an unacceptable compromise. There were times when sacrifices had to be made; I had to dig deeper in my pockets, come up with the money – somehow – but it was worth it

Audio Tweak is one of the few companies that operate on the principles of passion, purpose and integrity. If you want your sound system to be the best it can be, Audio Tweak is a high recommend.

Rendon Greef

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