Universal Serial Bus (USB) to S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) related products.

Audiophilleo PurePower USB to S/PDIF


Audiophilleo’s PurePower VLN (very low noise) Digital Power Pack is an optional battery based power supply for the Audiophilleo1 and Audiophilleo2 transports and lets our reference-grade transports deliver new levels of sonic realism, presence, soundstaging.

Audiophilleo Audiophilleo2

AudiophilleoAudiophilleo2 MK2

For those who prefer a minimalist approach, the Audiophilleo2 USB- S/PDIF transport delivers all the key performance benefits of the Audiophilleo1. The sound is the same, but in a less feature-rich, less expensive package!

Audiophilleo Audiophilleo1

AudiophilleoAudiophilleo1 MK2

The ultimate USB to S/PDIF interface can beat high-end transports!

… “The thing is, I hear better results through the Audiophilleo than I do with any disc-based transport. It’s not simply a matter of USB keeping up, but rather exceeding everything else I try”…  John Grandberg –