We offer fine tuning devices but we urge clients to give us a try to mod their existing CD players, DACs, amplifiers, speakers.

There is a lot of untapped potential in your existing equipment.

Our knowledge in modding goes back to 1989.
I personally have auditioned tons of resistors, capacitors, hook-up wires, bridge rectifier-high-speed soft recovery diodes, and I can tell you I know which resistor sounds like this or that, what most brands of capacitors sounds like, hook-up wire silver or copper sounds like, RCA chassis-mount connectors sonic differences between WBT, Furutech, you name it. I can turn a sterile sounding CD player, DAC, amplifier into something incredibly musical. Modding is not about using the most expensive parts, it’s about knowing how to use a combination of parts. The sum of the associated parts (resistors + caps + wires) is like cooking a fine dish, it is an art!  Give us a try. Also visit our Facebook page for amazing rave reviews from our clients.

Black Cat Digit USB cable

Black CatDigit USB cable

“ The Black Cat Digit USB cable is the most neutral USB cable you will find, allowing the source to shine at its maximum potential”


USB DisruptorUSB Disruptor

…”The system was sounding so good I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming”…  Stereotimes review

Lan Cat 6 ethernet, audio grade cable


… “Experience a notable sound enhancement of your network!”




Voodoo CableIso-Pod Isolation System

The VooDoo Iso-Pod Component Isolation System is a vibration isolation system that will significantly improve the sonic definition and clarity of each component in your system.


TakeTBatpro II

…”Notably you will get a huge boost in three dimensionality, you will also get a more palpable midrange and greater density with incredibly more vivid image outlines! “…