Power Amplifiers

Linear Tube AudioZOTL10 integrated amplifier

“The Linear Tube Audio Z10 is a very special amplifier, and one I won’t soon forget. It combines the allure of tubes with the precision of a solid-state amp.”  Steve Guttenberg / CNET

“I would put the Z10 Integrated up against anything I’ve ever heard with a high degree of confidence.” Audiogon: User ghasley

ZOTL40 MK.2 amplifier

Linear Tube AudioZOTL40 MK.2

The ZOTL amplifiers do not have the thicker warm tone that most tube amplifiers have. They still have the liquidity of tubes, but without colorations, they are incredibly neutral, ultra fast, incredibly tight and controlled with phenomenal articulation and headroom. Its like the amplifier is not there, just the music.

Wells Audio Akasha Amplifier

Wells AudioAkasha

… “the Akasha has more of the following over all these other amps: Vastness of soundstage, delineation of detail, dynamic impact with hyper-clean yet supple bass, superb transients, marvelous contrast of macro and microdynamics, gorgeous tonality – I could go on, but I think you get the point. This is simply a freakishly great amp!”…  dagogo.com

Wells Innamorata, Class AB Power Amplifier

Wells AudioInnamorata

…“It is so rich, so beautiful sounding, so well balanced, so engaging that I think one would have to be running truly awful equipment for it not to sound super in their rig”…  — Doug Shroeder, Dagogo review of the Wells Audio, Innamorata, Class AB Power Amplifier


Sanders Sound SystemsMagtech Amplifier

The Magtech Amplifier from Sanders Sound Systems is the only power amp with a built-in linear voltage regulator.

… “Big, solid, real drums with visceral whacks you feel as the stick strikes the skin… the Magtech shone more light on the backing singers which appeared (comparatively) as dull and less defined with both the Bel Canto and Gryphon amplifiers”….  AudioEnz