PC-Based Audio

Music servers are the way of the future, your music library is at your fingertip and it sounds incredible!

One of the main criteria which makes our Ophelia music servers really special is the fact that our operating system runs on a Linux-based system which utilises as little as 2G for the OS (Operating System) which is just a fraction of your typical Windows platform which can take as much as 32G for the OS which includes background services and software, wasting an enormous amount of resources.

With our unique approach this translates to EXCELLENT low latency, greatly reduced hardware stress and pretty much no processing power of the CPU is wasted. This allows our servers to offer a purer audio playback experience for our clients.

Our hardware is excellent and meticulously chosen for audio application with overkill specs and performance, we tweak it with our magic touch because everything PC-based affects the way music is presented regardless of 1’s and 0’s contrary to popular belief.

We offer two different power supply based options to suit your budget:

  • Option 1:  External switch-mode power supply (clean enough because it is an external hospital grade switch-mode power supply)
  • Option 2:  External linear power supply (cleaner sounding than the switch-mode version and with less background noise)

Important features: 

  • Plays all PCM and DSD (.dsf) files
  • Regular updates
  • Optional SPDIF output.
  • Both options are fan-less (noise-free).
  • Runs on Android Tablets/phones and iPads/iPhones.

Customised libraries browsable by:

  •  ALL PCM files (16, 24bit files)
  • 16BIT PCM files only
  • 24BIT PCM files only
  • 1Bit DSD [.dsf] files only
  • Artists
  • Genre
  • Albums

This means that the client can organise their libraries according to the resolution of their music files, and enjoy a session with whichever file format they prefer to use depending on the mood.

With our Ophelia servers, there are no on-going headaches with drivers or crashes (typically associated with some Windows-based servers). 

Ophelia is a bullet-proof solution which is user-friendly even for the technically-challenged!

We prefer not to offer Auto-Rip and prefer the client to rip his/her music on another PC, then drag and drop their music into the designated directory (we help with this of course!)

The client’s choice of storage drive-types can affect performance and here are the options:

Option 1:  Operations and tasks will run blazingly fast due to no mechanical movement or stress! The ultimate option for sound and performance.

  • One SSD/Solid State Drive (for OS)
  • One SSD (for media files)


Option 2:  Super-quiet compared to most basic PC-based servers as well as offering great performance.

  • One SSD (for OS)
  • One spinning HDD (for media files)


Option 3:  Eliminates having a spinning hard-drive (for media files) inside the server, this turns the server into a Streamer whilst allowing for greater media storage capacity with zero mechanical noise within our music servers.

  • One SSD (for OS)
  • One NAS unit (for media files)


D-Link DGS-105

D-LinkDGS-105 Re-Clocked

  Noise is one of the biggest factors holding back detail. When playing music, you want all the encoded data and without any noise, so we developed a solution for our audiophile clients that will remedy noise and thus enhance your listening pleasure! We modify the D-Link DGS-105 Ethernet Switch with an entirely new *high-speed ultra-low noise/low-jitter…

Network Audio Adaptor


The SOtM sMS-200 mini network player is in effect a renderer much like a music server but without the auto-rip facility and the music does not sit on board as is the case with most music servers. This is the most cost effective way to achieve high-end music playback with the facility of browsing your music…

Network Audio Adaptor


The SOtM mBPS-d2s is an off-the-grid battery power supply and optional for the sMS-200 mini network player.  The mBPS-d2s houses two batteries. While one battery provides power, the other charges and the mBPS-d2s switches between these functions automatically. So all you ever have to do is plug it in and connect it to the device…

Black Cat Digit USB cable

Black CatDigit USB cable

“ The Black Cat Digit USB cable is the most neutral USB cable you will find, allowing the source to shine at its maximum potential”

Curious USB Cable 1.0m

Curious CablesCurious USB Cable 1.0m

The Curious USB cables are already beating the competition hands-down!

… “Pulling out the LightSpeed and dropping in the Curious saw no loss of vitality. None of the ground marked detail delivery was surrendered by the Aussie newcomer. If anything, there was even more being served up. More for less? Gadzooks!”…  John H. Darko – digitalaudioreview.net


USB DisruptorUSB Disruptor

…”The system was sounding so good I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming”…  Stereotimes review

Lan Cat 6 ethernet, audio grade cable


… “Experience a notable sound enhancement of your network!”



Ophelia PC-Based Music Server Basic Edition

Ophelia AudioMusic Server Basic Edition

The Ophelia Basic Edition is our dedicated music server, although “Basic” and Entry Level, this unit is no slouch.

Ophelia PC-Based Music Server Advanced Edition

Ophelia AudioMusic Server Advanced Edition

The Advanced edition replaces the switch-mode power-supply with a fan-less linear power-supply for less noise.