Wells Audio

Wells Audio is owned by Jeff Wells, who has over four decades worth of experience in the high-end audio industry.

Wells Audio Akasha Amplifier


… “the Akasha has more of the following over all these other amps: Vastness of soundstage, delineation of detail, dynamic impact with hyper-clean yet supple bass, superb transients, marvelous contrast of macro and microdynamics, gorgeous tonality – I could go on, but I think you get the point. This is simply a freakishly great amp!”…  dagogo.com

Wells Innamorata, Class AB Power Amplifier


…“It is so rich, so beautiful sounding, so well balanced, so engaging that I think one would have to be running truly awful equipment for it not to sound super in their rig”…  — Doug Shroeder, Dagogo review of the Wells Audio, Innamorata, Class AB Power Amplifier