Linear Tube Audio

Linear Tube Audio’s ZOTL (Zero hysteresis Output Transformer-Less) amplifiers were invented by scientist/physicist David Berning and is licensed to LTA.  ZOTL was and still is considered the most significant improvement to tube amplifier technology since the 1960’s.

ZOTL10 integrated amplifier

“The Linear Tube Audio Z10 is a very special amplifier, and one I won’t soon forget. It combines the allure of tubes with the precision of a solid-state amp.”  Steve Guttenberg / CNET

“I would put the Z10 Integrated up against anything I’ve ever heard with a high degree of confidence.” Audiogon: User ghasley

ZOTL40 MK.2 amplifier


The ZOTL amplifiers do not have the thicker warm tone that most tube amplifiers have. They still have the liquidity of tubes, but without colorations, they are incredibly neutral, ultra fast, incredibly tight and controlled with phenomenal articulation and headroom. Its like the amplifier is not there, just the music.