Ophelia Audio

The best servers can be a force to be reckoned with, on this note we’d like to bid farewell to the old CD spinners! After years of research and development we’ve arrived at some interesting findings. Here are the current issues plaguing most of today’s PC Based Servers:

We offer a solution that will allow clients to play their existing music library and stream from Tidal and other such platforms.

  • Windows operating system
  • Drivers issues and annoyance
  • Mechanical noise
  • Power supply noise
  • Fans
  • Latency issues

Nevermind USB integrated modules inside most DACs. What we offer is the ultimate solution to all of the issues mentioned above – Ophelia – our own in-house brand.

Black Cat Digit USB cable

Digit USB cable

“ The Black Cat Digit USB cable is the most neutral USB cable you will find, allowing the source to shine at its maximum potential”

Ophelia PC-Based Music Server Basic Edition

Music Server Basic Edition

The Ophelia Basic Edition is our dedicated music server, although “Basic” and Entry Level, this unit is no slouch.

Ophelia PC-Based Music Server Advanced Edition

Music Server Advanced Edition

The Advanced edition replaces the switch-mode power-supply with a fan-less linear power-supply for less noise.