LampizatOr - Digital to Analog Converters

LampizatOr – Digital to Analog Converters was founded by Lukasz Fikus and have a very basic principle:

They’re designed for sound And this can be seen in all of their products.


Amber MK2

The LampizatOr Amber MK2 now replaces the LampizatOr Level 4 DAC. According to Lukasz, the new MK2 is even better than the previous Level 4 and yet with many more added features!  The LampizatOr Amber MK2 has the same magic as the bigger models at a much more accessible price, selling under 41K in SA […]

Digital To Analog Converter - Cape Town - South Africa - Audio Tweak

Altantic DAC

The Atlantic DAC is a phenomenal effort from LampizatOr. I’ve been a fan of the brand for many years, and I think this is their best work to date. Simply outstanding — a must-listen.” Parttimeaudiophile

LampizatOr DAC Lite 7

Lite 7 DAC

The LampizatOr Lite 7 is an evolution of The Big 7 but at a more affordable price.

… “it sounded exceptional.  Like a select cabernet sauvignon, it was elegant, complex, balanced and robust. It rendered timbres naturally, with superb imaging, detail, and true to life.   Frankly, this is the best sounding DAC that’s graced my system”…

LampizatOr DAC BIG 7


The Big Seven is an evolution of Level 7 – we put in one huge box the whole L7 and then some. Think DAC 7 on Steroids.

LampizatOr Golden Gate DAC

Golden Gate DAC

The Golden Gate elicits a frankly spiritual experience such is the connection between the music and your inner soul. –