Black Pyramids

Anti-Vibration PTFE composite “pyramid-shaped” cones. Efficiently converts vibration into heat. Produces a rich tonality and removes any form of ringing or peaks while cleaning up the bass and improving timing and focus.

Anti Vibration PTFE Cones

The Black Pyramids (PTFE) Cones are the most natural and musical anti-resonance feet on the market. What we didn’t like from other feet we tried (and believe me we tried a lot of them) before we developed our own ones was a typical upper-midband to top-end shout or peak, although such devices seem to excite the music rhythmically, they turned out to be ultimately tiring and fatiguing. We then stumbled on the holy grail of footers, the peak in the upper-mids and the top-end was now utterly gone, the sound was now utterly organic and liquid, the mids took on a richness and density we never experienced before, all this without losing pace, punch or speed, we got more slam, more grunt and yet an utterly gorgeous midrange. You will love them!