Linear Tube Audio ZOTL10 integrated amplifier More Info

“The Linear Tube Audio Z10 is a very special amplifier, and one I won’t soon forget. It combines the allure of tubes with the precision of a solid-state amp.”  Steve Guttenberg / CNET “I would put the Z10 Integrated up against anything I’ve ever heard with a high degree of confidence.” Audiogon: User ghasley

LampizatOr Amber MK2 Take a Look

Considered by many to be the best DACs, LampizatOr bridges the gap between analog and digital by a very narrow and tight margin! The LampizatOr Amber MK2 now replaces the LampizatOr Level 4 DAC. According to Lukasz, the new MK2 is even better than the previous Level 4 and yet with many more added features! ...

Welcome to Audio Tweak!

We specialise in integrating computer audio with stereo, home theatre and entertainment systems. Our reputation in this arena precedes us.
Can digital and streaming sound as good as analogue? The answer is yes and even better in some cases!

We believe that products should be easy to use and should sound as natural as possible. So our first love which began with stereo makes us fanatics in the field of system-matching, synergy, and installations. Our fanatical approach is what sets us apart from the rest thanks to our many years of expertise.

We want you to experience ease of use that is fun for you, your friends and the whole family! Imagine having everything at your fingertips, navigating music or movie libraries on your tablet or iPad, accessing your media stored somewhere on your hard drive or from online services such as Tidal, Deezer, Netflix, integrating all of that in the most user-friendly manner. Can you see yourself having this much fun?

Our company’s vision is built on an understanding that you cannot just go and buy expensive high-end audio or audio visual products and expect the best results if you don’t know how to set them up. For instance a pair of speakers should be carefully placed to avoid as much as possible room boundaries issues and reflections, this takes skills, and what about projectors and TVs? Calibrating a TV or a projector is so vital for a totally engrossing experience! So many clients go and buy the best there is but are not really optimising their investment! This is where we come in, we don’t just sell products, we offer a service to ensure that everything works seamlessly and perfectly. Our company is service orientated, good sound or a good experience does not happen with expensive toys, it requires  hard work and without taking the correct amount of care, your investment will be wasted. That alone is why you owe it to yourself to contact us.