Audio Tweak, established since 1989.

One of our passion includes custom-made dedicated Music/Media Servers, we also custom-make and design audio-based products to exact client’s requirements.

Our services include, sales, home entertainment installations with IT integration, acoustic evaluation and solutions, and high-end equipment service. We import just about all our products which we are the official appointed agents for.

Our pursuit is simplicity, avoiding clutter and going back to basics. Home theatre and stereo are not to be mixed in the same environment. There is nothing like a simple system over a complex one. If space allows, rather have two systems in two separate rooms, one for the family and guests, and one for you, the audio boffin.

Why chose us?

We always prefer to visit clients and acquaint ourselves with their entertainment room and existing setup to ensure that their systems are properly setup, otherwise client’s decisions will always be hit and miss.  This is why we love to offer guidance. We can proudly say that this unique approach always leads us to successful sales and relationship with our beloved clients.

Getting good sound is an art, it is a very involving process.
No high-end equipment will just work when plonked in any given room, we advise that you give us a call before taking the plunge.

Most dealers care only to move boxes and reach monthly targets, the end-result often leading to disappointment with clients. This game is not a fruit and veg type industry, it is highly elaborate and requires intense expertise in order to give clients absolute long term satisfaction.

Why chose our products?

  • We chose products that sound natural and organic, call it musical.
  • We always have product that will help fine-tune your sound towards a natural overall balance.
  • We chose products that offer ultimate value for money and outstanding reliability.

Give us a try, you owe it to yourself!