Custom High-End Audio Equipment.

We love our clients so much that we’ve decided to cut out the re-seller, we only sell direct to the public and import all our products!

A lot of people buy expensive high-end equipment but haven’t got the faintest idea where to place their speakers in their entertainment area. This is single-handedly the most critical aspect of high-end. Without this knowledge or expertise, your continued quest of purchasing supposedly “high-end” equipment will be money wasted!

Audio Tweak takes great care in pointing the client in the right direction.

Before you buy anything, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. I’d be happy to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

It is also imperative that you mix and match your components carefully with regards to achieving absolute neutrality. Tonality must always supersede resolution, yet warmth must never overshadow detail, this in my opinion sums up neutrality.

Analysis Audio Omicron Details please

The Omicron are the cadet of Analysis planar loudspeakers and are suitable for smaller spaces.

LampizatOr DAC BIG 7 Check it out

The DAC BIG 7 is a more expensive and even more optimized version of the DAC 7. Think DAC 7 on Steroids.

LampizatOr DSD-Euforia DAC Check it out

The DSD-Euforia DAC is LampizatOr's attempt to produce a more affordable DAC for audiophiles.

LampizatOr LEVEL 4/DSD “GEN 5” DAC Check it out

The LampizatOr Level 4 "GEN 5" DAC is by far the most analog DAC you can buy for the money!

Axis Voicebox S Take a Look

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC Simplicity… Tonality… Resolution Simplicity – As simple as possible but not simpler, the VoiceBox S is a 2-way ported system using a high quality ribbon tweeter and 150mm mid/bass paper driver.

LampizatOr Golden Gate Details please

The Golden Gate is the Big7 DSD DAC made of the MOST expensive parts chosen by our customers in their wish-list survey.

Triode Wire Labs American Speaker Cable More Info

The American Speaker Cable is another innovation from TriodeWire Labs.

Ophelia Audio Music Server Basic Edition More Info

The Ophelia Basic Edition is our dedicated music server, although "Basic" and Entry Level, this unit is no slouch.

Triode Wire Labs Spirit Interconnects Check it out

The Spirit Interconnects is one of the the latest product in the Triode Wire Labs line-up, including the new, high-tech shielded phono interconnects!

Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Amplifier Check it out

The Magtech Amplifier from Sanders Sound Systems is the only power amp with a built-in linear voltage regulator.