Voodoo Cable Iso-Pod Isolation System Check it out

The VooDoo Iso-Pod Component Isolation System is a vibration isolation system that will significantly improve the sonic definition and clarity of each component in your system.

Wells Audio Akasha Details please

... "the Akasha has more of the following over all these other amps: Vastness of soundstage, delineation of detail, dynamic impact with hyper-clean yet supple bass, superb transients, marvelous contrast of macro and microdynamics, gorgeous tonality – I could go on, but I think you get the point. This is simply a freakishly great amp!"...  dagogo.com

Wells Audio Akasha Amplifier
Wells Audio Innamorata, Class AB Power Amplifier Details please

...“It is so rich, so beautiful sounding, so well balanced, so engaging that I think one would have to be running truly awful equipment for it not to sound super in their rig"...  — Doug Shroeder, Dagogo review of the Wells Audio, Innamorata, Class AB Power Amplifier

Wells Innamorata, Class AB Power Amplifier
Analysis Audio Amphitryon Check it out

the Analysis Amphitryon aspires to become the ultimate reference loudspeakers. Ultimate reproducer of reference recordings! ... "So, the perfect speaker? After years of reviewer conditioning, I know to say "No — no equipment is perfect." But there is a part of me that wants to scream "hell yes!"...  Wayne Donnelly enjoythemusic.com

Audiophilleo PurePower Take a Look

Audiophilleo’s PurePower VLN (very low noise) Digital Power Pack is an optional battery based power supply for the Audiophilleo1 and Audiophilleo2 transports and lets our reference-grade transports deliver new levels of sonic realism, presence, soundstaging.

Audiophilleo PurePower USB to S/PDIF

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