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Music washes away the soul from the dust of everyday life. "Berthold Auerbach - German novelist"


Here at Audio Tweak we take gambles in testing some very obscure brands prior to committing ourselves, we believe that the real gems are often the little companies driven by passionate innovators.

Just to mention a few, here are a few examples…

OPPO, have you ever taken the time to google it? This is the most talked about Blu-Ray universal player out there, the best. Please do your research?

LampizatOr, “you’ve heard of Theta, Wadia, Marc Levinson, all these big names”, but what do you know of this genius and mad scientist called Lukasz Fikus? Google it! Check it out for yourself? LampizatOr is probably The Best DAC in the world period regardless of cost!

Wells Audio, new kid on the block, Class A/B amplification (solid-state), incredibly refined, musical, solid, punchy and very analog/liquid/tube like, you’d swear you’re listening to tubes, and you have power in abundance to boot!

If you are looking for guidance in setting up your first AV system or upgrading your existing system, look no further; because our first love is for stereo, home theatre is the natural extension of our knowledge, you can’t set a 7.1 system if you don’t even know how to do it right with stereo!

We believe that what sets us apart is our understanding of:

  1. The mains (quieter/silent blacker backgrounds = details are unleashed in stark relief)
  2. The room (acoustic interaction with speakers)
  3. Synergy (mixing the right components is an art)



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