Welcome to Audio Tweak!


Our aim is to synergize clients systems, we do this in a few steps

  1.  First we ascertain your existing system and it’s performance through consultation.
  2.  We point out the issues which are holding your system back.
  3.  We recommend the correct approach for resolving these issues, look how we can help you HERE

Buying better equipment to fix poor sound often leads to disaster. There are many reasons why your sound may be inadequate,  so tossing and changing cables, DACs, or amplifiers will only complicate matters. Other factors holding your system back such as room acoustic or system and seating placement can cause havoc with your investment, the relationship between system placement and sitting arrangement is often overlooked and requires absolute maniacal expertise that not many are equipped to assist with. It is only once we have localised or sorted out some of the core issues holding back your system that you may be ready to upgrade to something of a higher calibre. The bottom line, hold on to your money until you have had a proper evaluation from us and let us make every single cents of yours count. 

This holistic approach to AV is what sets us apart from the competition. Achieving equilibrium through fine-tuning is something that seriously requires true craft which can only come through experience!

Our success actually springs from this kind of interaction with our clients, clients who weren’t satisfied with their sound or expensive system, after we managed to locate room acoustic related issues or poorly matched equipment, we made temporary on-the-fly adjustments and this greatly improved the performance of their system. It is only then that clients totally allow us to take those systems to the next level. 

In a nutshell, Steve Guttenberg clearly articulates our views on this YouTube clip.

 Some clients feedback…

Thank you, Ramsey of Audio Tweak!

My listening room now includes a new Lampizator Amber MK 2. Equally important are some less glamorous additions that have been equally important to improving sound quality. In just one evening Ramsey identified some room acoustic issues, alleviated them with some temporary home remedies and improved my speaker positioning. The results have been significant!

Two days ago, I marvelled at how far my system has come, but remained annoyed with two kinks: (1) the apparent bloated mid-bass, showed up by the title track of D’Angelo’s Brown Sugar and (2) an emaciated treble that affected the right-hand keys on the piano and Miles Davis’s trumpet. So, yesterday I spent a couple of hours with Ramsey Raad (of Audio Tweak). Going back and forth, listening critically to a suite of reference recordings, he resolved to plug the bass reflex ports of my WLM La Scalas with foam, adjusted the height of the tweeter by ever-so-slightly by reducing the rake/tilt of the stands, shifted the listening position back by 15cm, and isolated the Lampizator DAC with a combination of Boston Audio Design isolation feet and – you guessed it – a home-remedy weight on top. And just like that, everything snapped into place.

Often we turn to new electronics or transducers to resolve our audio issues, but sometimes the solutions we’re looking for reside between our ears and within the acoustic space itself.