Welcome to Audio Tweak!

Specialists in high-end audio, home theatre systems, computer audio, acoustic solutions, setups, and general installations.

Audio Tweak favours true innovation through unorthodox pathways, this is often the work of genius. This is why here you won’t find commercial brands. Our products are hand picked. Here we don’t sell Hi-Fi’s, we sell pleasure inducing machines.

Not every products that measure flat as a ruler will necessarily sound great, in fact I have often heard products or cables that don’t measure well at all and yet sound far more satisfying.

There’s one forgotten art to stereo because home theatre has come and mess it all up for those of us who want a lifelike representation of a human voice or instruments.  This art is called the art of synergy, without synergy a system will fall flat on it’s face. So ultimately yes, a great source and components makes a big difference, but if you are not trained at system matching, you’re wasting your time buying expensive audio equipment. For instance I can locate in an instance the culprit of a mismatch and alleviate it pretty much in an instant. This is why you want to get hold of us.

Our approach…
Most of our sales have resulted from actually visiting clients who were unsatisfied with their sound or expensive system, after locating room acoustic related issues or poorly matched equipment, we made temporary on-the-fly adjustments and this greatly improved the performance of their system whilst leaving clients utterly beguiled and gobsmacked!  Reach out to us and let us help you achieve your goals.