Audio Tweak takes great care in pointing the client in the right direction.

Here are some Tips when deciding on your next best purchase.


What AV shops don’t tell you when you go with the intention of buying your first system:

What size room do you plan on setting up your system?
Do you watch more movies or do you have a bigger CD/music collection?

For instance, if your room is small, you don’t need big amps and large speakers to fill the room with loud enough sound.

If you listen more to music and watch less movies, why should you buy a home theatre system and not just spend your budget on an excellent stereo system?

From this point forth, you have focus and can make a rational decision when it comes to buying.

What about these questions:

Do you have a lot of furniture or a lot of glass surfaces?
Do you have wooden floors or concrete floors/walls?

Well if you have a lot of furniture in your entertainment room, over-absorption will kill detail.

If you have a lot of glass surfaces, you’re likely to end-up with a bright sound.

What about synergy and system matching?

It is imperative that you mix and match your system carefully with regards to achieving a neutral tone, tonality determines how truthful instruments can sound, a warmer tone gives instruments realistic textures, a brighter tone washes out textures like drum skins and voices.

Too much bass and your mids get sucked-out prompting you to increasing the volume because you can’t hear what lies in the midrange.

Tone is more important than sheer power or micro-detail.

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