Ophelia Audio Music Server Little Gem More Info

The Ophelia Little Gem is our entry level music server, it is limited to PCM only because of it's smaller Ram power and CPU power, will play all PCM formats from 16bit to 24bit high-res using a Linux-based Operating System.

Analysis Audio Epsilon Check it out

The Epsilon full range planars are able to inundate fairly large listening rooms with music. Easily driven, they will reveal the virtues of any suitable source and amplifier, whilst being an open window of the live event. ... "Folks in the market for MartinLogans, Magnepans, InnerSounds and Soundlabs would do themselves a disservice to not also consider Analysis Audio"..."  6moons review

LampizatOr Euforia DSD DAC Details please

The LampizatOr DSD-Euforia DAC is their entry-level tube DAC. ... "The Euforia, defined as an intense feeling of happiness, is transformative. This is a very special DAC."...  - positive-feedback.com

Wells Audio Akasha More Info

... "the Akasha has more of the following over all these other amps: Vastness of soundstage, delineation of detail, dynamic impact with hyper-clean yet supple bass, superb transients, marvelous contrast of macro and microdynamics, gorgeous tonality – I could go on, but I think you get the point. This is simply a freakishly great amp!"...  dagogo.com

OPPO Digital BDP-103D (Darbee Edition) Check it out

"Awarding a Top Pick rating is always a big deal with us, but I don’t think we’ve ever had two Top Pick products merge into one. That, however, is exactly what we have with Oppo’s latest generation of Blu-ray players, the BDP-103D and BDP-105D" - Soundandvision.com

LampizatOr BIG 7 DAC Take a Look

The Big Seven is an evolution of Level 7 - we put in one huge box the whole L7 and then some. Think DAC 7 on Steroids.

Analysis Audio Omicron More Info

The Omicron are the cadet of Analysis planar loudspeakers and are suitable for smaller spaces.

LampizatOr LEVEL 4 DAC Details please

The LampizatOr Level 4 DAC is the best value for money high-end tube DAC on the market. ... "I never knew digital could sound this good! Wow..I've got to rethink my LP collection. This has thrown me for a loop!" ... - StereoMojo article

Ophelia Audio Music Server Basic Edition More Info

The Ophelia Basic Edition is our dedicated music server, although "Basic" and Entry Level, this unit is no slouch.

Triode Wire Labs Spirit Interconnects Take a Look

The Spirit Interconnects is one of the the latest product in the Triode Wire Labs line-up, including the new, high-tech shielded phono interconnects!


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