Welcome to Audio Tweak!

Specialists in high-end audio, home theatre systems, computer audio, acoustic solutions, setups, and general installations.

Have you ever heard the term “It’s not how big your equipment is, it’s how you use it?”, well audio and home entertainment products are very much about that too!

Audio Tweak’s vision was built on an understanding that you cannot just go and buy expensive high-end audio and visual products and expect the best results if you don’t know how to set them up.  Synergy equals magic. Our ultimate goal is to knock the audiophile “phool” out of the music lover and return him to his good senses!


  1. Speakers should be carefully placed to avoid as much as possible room boundaries issues and reflections.
  2. Calibrating a projector or a TV is vital for a totally engrossing experience.

Deal with professionals who know about the importance of setting up systems, avoid box movers and bargain stores because although you might get the finest bargain or deal, you will not get the service that only a few can offer.

Why do we care?
Well simply because we too got burned at one stage or other, we too were taken for a ride, and we learned through dedicated and fanatical passion how much untapped potential some equipment had that re-sellers did not even know about! Do you think this has changed?

Our approach…
Most of our sales have resulted from actually visiting clients who were unsatisfied with their sound or expensive system, after locating room acoustic related issues or poorly matched equipment, we made temporary on-the-fly adjustments and this greatly improved the performance of their system whilst leaving clients utterly beguiled and gobsmacked!  Reach out to us and let us totally astonish you.